Trotting Park Road

The streets were wet from last night’s rain but the air was warm when I set out for my Saturday morning ride. The recent rains have littered the ground with leaves but there are still plenty left on the trees. Everything combined to make for a really nice ride.

Trotting Park Road

Wachusett Summit

This morning I drove out to Wachusett Mountain with my bike. The four mile ride from my parking spot on Bolton Road to the summit was the easily the hardest I’ve ever worked on a bike. Thankfully the crisp air was refreshing and the view from the top was clear.



Wachusett Summit

Wachusett Summit

Wachusett Summit


Offroad Unicycling

This morning I took my new mountain unicycle to the Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsborough State Forest for the first time. I did well on the fireroads but was humbled on the trails. This is one of the few smooth sections I was actually able to ride:

Trail Ride

Good Friday

Who killed Jesus
Many years ago
Who is guilty of a crime so low
Why did He have to die What is the reason why
Who killed Jesus I would like to know

Was it Roman soldiers
With their tools of war
Driving nails thru hands that did no wrong
Mocking and abusing Crowning Him with thorns
All the evidence is very strong

Was it Pontius Pilate
He was governor
Trying to decide the case that day
Finding that the Savior Had no fault His own
Was he guilty when he turned away

Was it Hebrew children
Proud of who they were
Shouting crucify Him at their King
Trading their Messiah For a common thief
Turning down the kingdom He could bring

When I think of Jesus
And the way He died
How upon Him all my sin was laid
All the other people Fade away from view
It’s for me the sacrifice was made

I no longer wonder anymore
I have found what I’ve been searching for
My sin demanded Hell On Him the judgment fell
I am guilty Now it’s plain to see
That it was really me

— Mickey Holiday

Dawn By The River

This morning I got up early and went down to the Merrimack River before dawn for some photography. I was hoping for a colorful sunrise but it turned out much too cloudy. Still, it was quiet and I spent about and hour and a half walking around.

River Path




Qm’s New Home

Back when I had the free time to write programs for fun I developed a little e-mail sender called Qm (for Quick Mailer). This used to be hosted at, but since I haven’t done anything with the application or domain in years I decided to let the domain die and move Qm to this site. I don’t expect to update the program further but it will be available for download here.